Day 425

day 425

I am grateful to have seen the sunrise this morning, walking with my friend. It sets the whole day up properly. I was able to come home and make pancakes in honor of Banyan’s state testing today. I dropped both boys at school and came home to work, and to (finally) clean my office.

This task occupied my entire day and before I knew it, it was time to scoop up children. Benjamin’s emotions were heightened this afternoon, almost as if he was recovering from a steroid pulse, which he isn’t. He was hyper and his energy seemed too big for his body. Luckily it was a gorgeous afternoon, and after both boys were home, they played outside until dinnertime.

I heard from Cody’s mama today that he had a bit of a hard time during his monthly visit to the clinic. She says it’s getting harder and harder for him to cope with port accesses and flushes and sleepy medicine as maintenance continues. I have seen glimpses of this too. Our boys are nearing their halfway point; we did a little math. Cody will be halfway finished with treatment mid-April, and Benjamin will catch up at the end of August.

The newest little girl in Sarasota with leukemia had her bone marrow aspirate today, marking the end of her Induction Phase. I was taken right back to that crazy, surreal waiting period. Things feel so different now, yet there is still so much to be done.

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