Day 422

day 422


  • 5:00am Morning blood draw
  • 7:30am ANC 94, PLT 79, HGB 8.5
  • 9:00am Bleeding lips, dry throat
  • 10:15am Histamine sneezing fit
  • 11:30am Decorate IV pole with top hat and mustache
  • 12:15pm Fever of 37.4C
  • 1:30pm Apply numbing cream to both legs
  • 2:30pm Erwinia shots in both legs
  • 6:00pm Play catch with Michael (in hospital room)


  • 8:30am Report for Opening Day ceremonies at little league fields
  • 9:30am Watch helicopter land and throw out first pitch
  • 11:00am Watch Banyan play back-to-back football games with exemplary sportsmanship
  • 2:00pm Report back to the baseball fields for practice
  • 3:20pm Start little league season alongside teammates
  • 5:40pm Celebrate first victory of the season
  • 6:15pm Engage in Nerf Gun War for a good friend’s birthday party
  • 7:15pm Ice Cream Cake
  • 8:45 pm Movie on couch with family (at home)

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