Day 296

Benji’s emotional highs and lows persist. There are so many parallels between this recovery period and his steroid weeks (perhaps I should give him potassium?). He’ll begin his first pulse of maintenance steroids on Tuesday and I’m very curious to see how it affects him. We try to stay ahead of his needs, but sometimes I think even he doesn’t know what he wants. His body is still in a state of imbalance. He is less tired, and less sore, but more sensitive and volatile. His waves ebb and flow, and we ride along with them.

Still, despite moments of discomfort today, we enjoyed being together at home so much. Things really are getting back to normal around here. Sibling bickering has is back in full swing. Chores are being done. Closets are being cleaned out for the winter. And at sunset, when there is nothing else on the calendar, we go to the beach.


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