Day 233

It’s the last weekend of summer. It’s bittersweet, but mostly sweet. I feel much calmer than I thought I would with the new schoolyear just a moment away. Things will be what they will be. Banyan will get picked up from school some days, and some days he’ll walk to the office. Perhaps he’ll ride the bus. We’re lucky to have so many options. Benji will go to school when he is able, or he won’t. One day at a time isn’t just a mantra, it’s a lifestyle; one born of necessity, but full of gifts, and lessons to be learned.

I finished the rest of the kids’ school shopping today. They have the clothes, supplies, and groceries they need to begin the week (and the year) without a hitch. Tomorrow’s agenda consists of packing backpacks and lunchboxes, meal planning, chore charts and desk organization, all things I love to do. We still aren’t sure if Benji will go to school for the first hour of the day on Monday. I’m encouraging it; he’s not so sure. He has treatment later that morning and feels silly going for such a short time. I think he’ll feel more integrated with the class if he’s there from the start. I look forward to a long conversation with his teacher tomorrow. Benji will be in intense treatment until November, but the summer has made a difference in our mindset. I think we have learned to place a higher value on normalcy and happiness than on neutrophil counts. We’ll try and send him to school whenever possible. He wants to be there so badly.

Tonight we went to the beach with Michael’s mother and sister for one last summer sunset. We told several other families we’d be there, and as the night went on, our collection of beach chairs grew and grew. The kids had so many friends to play with, and Benji felt fantastic, all day long. A storm in the east threatened to chase us away, but we stayed for a gorgeous sunset, complete with amazing clouds and a full rainbow. It was a lovely way to end the summer: full of gratitude.

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  1. Thw sunset was so pretty, thanks for sharing. May 1st day of school tomorrow be a good one. Sending love,strength and prayers.

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