Day 552


Thankfully, Benji’s ear felt much, much better today. He didn’t need pain relief and he only winced a few times, with no tears. He is on the mend, and we will keep him dry and comfortable until his ear is better and he’s ready for swimming again.

The medicines of yesterday showed no side effects today. Things felt so much easier. We did chores and ran errands to prepare for Banyan’s camp departure in just three days.

Kathy and Gana took the boys to dinner and a movie tonight, and I went to my monthly tea for mothers of children with cancer. On the way, I delivered a meal to the mother of one of Benji’s sweet classmates. This mama was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is recovering from a double mastectomy.

For some reason I thought I would be able to give her information that she could use. But of course, I know nothing about the different stages and variations of breast cancer, or the kinds of mastectomies, or reconstruction, or ¬†even about the medicines they are suggesting. I know nothing about dealing with a cancer diagnosis as an adult. But I recognized the expression on her mother’s face, on her husband’s face. I listened and we laughed. I shared stories of Benjamin’s strength and good health. She has already learned to frame everything in gratitude. That’s step one.

The ladies from the Children’s Cancer Center came to tea again this month, and brought two other mamas with them. Both of their daughters had just ended treatment, so recently that they still have their ports in place.

I haven’t allowed myself much contemplation about what that will feel like for us, for Benji. Living in the moment is still how we roll. But it was enlightening to hear how they felt, how they celebrated, how their children felt after treatment, what that path looks like. We are nearly halfway there.

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