Day 535

day 535

On this Father’s Day, as on every Father’s Day, I find myself so grateful for the path that my sons’ male role models have paved for them. Their father and both of their grandfathers have shown them what it means to be a good man, by virtue of their decency, their kindness, their integrity, their humor, and their love. In a world in which there is increasing pressure to raise nonviolent and empathetic men, this example is the most important thing in the world to me. I look at my own husband in awe, so frequently, for the way in which he fathers our boys. It is the greatest privilege to be his partner.

We are home and pleasantly whooped after an amazing few days at Disney World. I’m so thankful to Kathy for this generous gift for our family. It was a long time coming and we enjoyed it completely.

I have many thoughts and memories from this trip, but I am left with one image that I hope I will never forget. On Friday night, at the end of a very long day at Magic Kingdom, Benji’s legs and feet were hurting him so badly he could barely walk. We were just about to exit the park when the boys remembered they’d wanted to find an everlasting Mickey Mouse gobstopper. Benji had been crying from his leg pain but he pulled it together to walk into one last store. Once inside, we couldn’t find the candy, and were told it may instead be at a store across the street.

I expected a meltdown from my tired boy, but without a word, his big brother sprang into action. No one saw him, no one asked him to do a thing, but Banyan knew his brother needed the kind of strength and distraction only he could provide. He took Benji by the hand and got him just excited enough about their quest to take his mind off his aching legs. I walked behind them as they held hands into the other shop, on a shared mission, the sounds of the Electric Light Parade behind them. I didn’t interrupt the moment to compliment Banyan on his thoughtfulness. But I saw his true heart then, and it filled me with pure joy.

They enjoyed their gobstoppers on the ferry ride back to the cabin. I didn’t scrutinize the ingredients. They earned every lick.



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