Day 456

day 456

I woke up again and went straight to the pill box, just to be sure. I imagine this will be routine for the next two years. Benji woke up feeling great. Relief, as always.

After dropping the kids off at school, I had the pleasure this morning of showing friends from out of town just how gorgeous our city is. It was reaffirming to tell them all of the things we love about this community.

Friday afternoons hold a certain joy. Picking up the boys from school feels so good. I brought them each smoothies and we got ready for Benji’s baseball practice. Benji is still tentative at the plate, but I know he’ll get there. While I was watching him I spoke with two other mothers. One of them had just recently learned of Benji’s diagnosis, and absolutely couldn’t believe it; it didn’t match up to her view of the same boy on the field making plays. Another mother I barely knew confided in me that she reads this blog. She told me it helped her appreciate what she had. That meant the world to me.

The weekend ahead is full of fun. Sports games for the boys, reunions with old friends, and Opening Day at Tropicana Field. Feeling very grateful tonight.


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