Day 355

We woke up early this morning, Michael and I grinning with a secret. We surprised the boys with a trip to Busch Gardens today for Benji’s eighth birthday. We didn’t tell them until the entrance sign was in view. Their smiles were enormous.

We did it all; animal exhibits, carnival games, kettle corn. We got no special treatment and took no special precautions, except a little hand sanitizer here and there. We rode all of the roller coasters multiple times. We chose adventure over fear. We chose to trust in the structure supporting us and enjoy the ride.

We were so grateful to celebrate Benjamin and to celebrate being together. This was one of the best days ever.

3 thoughts on “Day 355

  1. So glad you had a great, normal, fun, exciting day. Great birthday surprise. Memories are made from these moments. Merry Christmas. Love you.

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