Day 352

Benjamin had an amazing birthday party tonight. My heart is so full.

After the episode with his finger yesterday afternoon, Benji slept hard, and his body was a sweatbox all night long. He has had nights like this periodically since diagnosis. While they are a little alarming, I am thankful for them. It means he is eliminating toxins.

We spent all day preparing for the big birthday celebration, Michael in the yard and I in the kitchen. Our sweet friend Brian worked much of the afternoon with Michael setting up a giant screen and projector for Benji’s “backyard movie” party. Both of Benjamin’s grandmothers and aunts came, as well as his cousins and many sweet friends. I really can’t express how happy it made me to fill my home with these people. It kicked off our two weeks of merriment in grand fashion. The kids played games and ate pizza until dark, then we cranked up Elf on the big screen and accompanied it with popcorn and hot cocoa. It was absolutely perfect. Benjamin has very sweet friends.

It was the happy birthday song that threatened to undo me. His eyes twinkling in the candlelight, his face taking it all in. I can’t really find the words.

2 thoughts on “Day 352

  1. Fantastic! Happy Birthday, Benji!


    PS All I did several years ago was telephone a woman who had a letter to the editor in the local paper about maternal health care in the US. How did I get into all this?

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