Day 323

Last night, I wrote that Benjamin wouldn’t run all of his laps in this morning’s Jog-a-thon. I was right, he didn’t run all of them; he ran more than all of them. Thirty-five laps was the maximum allowed. My boy ran thirty-eight.

I was not¬†expecting this surge of physical stamina, and I don’t think Benjamin was either. During our Friday morning bagel run, a fellow Southside parent asked Benji how many laps he thought he’d run. Benji answered with two. A month ago he could hardly walk any distance at all. A week ago he was self conscious about running to first base. But today, he kept right up with his pack, all the way to the end of the race.

I have been to nine Jog-a-thon’s now, in total. Nine. These fundraisers are old news for me. I wasn’t expecting the emotions to come flooding this morning, but they did. Benjamin showed such energy and determination–and then such pride and happiness–it was subtle, but it was huge.

One thought on “Day 323

  1. Laura: It’s impossible not to notice how Benji is heads and shoulders taller than all the other kids. More power to him!

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