Day 249

We all worked on this Labor Day. Michael has several projects to present next week, Banyan and Benjamin finished their weekend homework, and I caught up on laundry, groceries, and food preparation. It was a busy and productive day for all of us.

Benji woke up super early, crying and clutching his tummy. I helped him make breakfast quickly and put him in a morning detox bath. Those things helped, and he went back to sleep for a while, but the tummyaches are coming more and more frequently. It is definitely something I’ll discuss with the oncologists tomorrow. For the first time in weeks, I posted in the online moms’ group for feedback. I understand it would be unusual to find another child on Benji’s exact path, but I’m looking for ways to make him as comfortable as possible in these treatment-heavy weeks to come.

We are now in the second week of Benji’s Interim Maintenance 2 Phase of treatment. During this four day week we’ll go to All Children’s three times: twice for Erwinia shots, and on Thursday he’ll get his second escalating dose of Methotrexate and a dose of Vincristine. Benji will go to school between appointments if he feels up for it. We know better than to push it. Soon enough, he’ll be in long term maintenance, and able to go to school nearly full time.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, in addition to being part of Alex’s Million Mile, I’ve been posting facts about Benji’s treatment each day via social media. I think it’s working to spread awareness to my friends who, like me, knew nothing about what these children have to go through before Benji was diagnosed. It has also served to help me stand back a little bit and look at Benji’s treatment through a wider lens. It is overwhelming what my son has endured and overcome. I know we aren’t finished yet, not by a long haul; but as we enter the last quarter of the year, I am feeling reflective, a little bit dazed, and a whole lot proud.

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