Day 209

We are definitely fighting off a cold around here. Benji woke up with more sniffles, more sneezes, more coughs, and much more hair on his pillow. But it was the first morning I can remember in a long time that he didn’t beg for food immediately upon waking. This morning he was up at least ten or fifteen minutes before asking for grits and eggs.

Today was a day to lay low and be thankful for our family. Aunt Alaire stayed with us through the morning, indulging Benjamin in a Mario Kart tournament and playing Jenga at the dining room table. We grabbed lunch and had a picnic at the park, and then she headed north. Soon after, Michael’s Uncle Dennis dropped by with some very sweet gifts for Benjamin, including breakfast for tomorrow. And tonight, Michael’s mother brought us all Vietnamese food, our favorite healing take out. We are so loved and so lucky.

Even in healing, it is a challenge to resist the lure of “accomplishing things.” It is a challenge to rest, do nothing, and make sure we fight this virus. The last time Benjamin caught a cold, we found ourselves in the hospital for a week. I’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I am thankful that Benjamin has such a strong absolute neutrophil count (ANC) right now. I’m thankful to KICKcancER for the essential oils we are using to strengthen immunity. We are taking zinc and vitamin C and detox baths, and right now, we are snuggling up with Michael and watching a movie. The ocean calls me, but it will be there when we are well. We have work to do here first.

3 thoughts on “Day 209

  1. Benjamin is the bravest child I know. My heart goes out to you guys everytime I read your posts. Thanks so much for keeping me updated. Love & Prayers

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