Day 184

Benjamin woke up this morning and said, with urgency,”My body doesn’t feel well. It feels just like the hospital for no reason!” Rather than running for the Kytril, I ran for food. I really believe it’s early morning hunger that triggers his tummy, leading to memories and emotions he can’t quite name. Scrambled eggs, cheese toast and bananas did the trick.

We spent the day with Michael’s mother and sister, swimming in the pool, playing cards, and enjoying a delicious meal. As the sun was setting we all headed north to be with friends at the waterfront and enjoy fireworks. Once again I found myself marveling at the grand timing of things. Benjamin wasn’t “the kid with cancer” tonight. He was just another kid in the mix, lighting sparklers, casting shrimp off the rocks and hoping for a fish.

I did more research today and made more lists, and tomorrow I’ll prepare for Delayed Intensification with a massive trip to the health food store. But for now, we’ll enjoy our sweet freedom, in all its beautiful forms.

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