Day 113

It was a sweet, easy Friday.

We got schoolwork finished right away this morning so we had plenty of time for play. Benji dug into some new toys and we took a long bike ride around the neighborhood. We finished another Roald Dahl classic, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Benjamin felt great, so I felt great. And the weekend is upon us.

Michael’s mother continues to be available to support us in so many ways. Today, she came to be with with Benjamin for a bit so that I could join Banyan in his classroom for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with Banyan’s teacher, and to see some of the projects that he’s been working on. I stopped by Benji’s classroom on the way out of school. One of his classmates lives a block over from us, and I told her we rode bikes past her house this morning. Another classmate said excitedly, “Benji can ride a bike?!” Perhaps she thinks of him as sick, and therefore unable to do such normal kid things. I answered, “Benji can do anything.”

I can’t wait for Benjamin to return to the desk that’s been waiting for him. I think he’ll be able to go for the last weeks of school, at least for a few days here and there. I surely hope so. He misses their smiling faces, and they miss his.

We went to a favorite neighborhood restaurant for dinner, wiping down surfaces and sanitizing hands. We saw several school friends and teachers who asked about Benjamin. He handled everything so maturely. Now we are snuggling in to watch the film version of Fantastic Mr. Fox., and I could not be happier to be here, in this house, with these amazing people I love.

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