Day 543

day 543

I am so happy to record that Benjamin woke up nausea free. He had zero tummy pain all day. This is a big relief.

Both boys slept in, and we spent the day doing house projects and running errands in preparation for Banyan’s upcoming departure to Camp Highlands. It was a wonderfully normal day and we all laughed a lot.

In the early evening, Benjamin did have a scary coughing spell; he felt like he was choking and couldn’t swallow around some obstruction in his throat, yet he hadn’t been eating or drinking anything. The episode reminded me a lot of his mucosal sloughing. I examined his mouth for signs I may have missed, and there weren’t any. After several gulps of water the obstruction was gone, with no more coughing the rest of the night. It was one of those things that probably had nothing to do with leukemia. I just look at everything through that lens.

We all enjoyed a long overdue Rays win after Michael came home, and the boys settled in with some new books before bed. It feels so nice to start the week this way.

One thought on “Day 543

  1. Thanks for the posts. I had to catch up. Tell Banyan I said Happy 12th Birthday. Glad Benjamin is feeling better.
    Love and Prayers to all.

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