Day 526

day 526

Tomorrow is the lemonade stand, and I feel eerily prepared (I wonder what we are forgetting?). I just have a great feeling that we will make a big difference tomorrow.  It has been a joy to plan this event with my friend Jade, who worked so hard to put it together for us last year. I can’t wait until sweet little Miaya walks in. I can’t wait to hug her grandmother.

The boys helped me all day long, picking up last minute donations, cups, water, loading, unloading, even painting lemons on aprons late into the evening. Benjamin was a little more challenged by the effects of this steroid pulse today. He was hyper and impulsive, loud and constantly hungry. But he pulled through. He always does. I think it’s time for a good night’s sleep for all of us, and a cold glass of lemonade tomorrow.

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