Day 311

It was another sweet day spent with family. Benji had a little bit of nausea when he woke up, but it resolved with time and a bath. Once he got past it he felt great all day. A little too great sometimes; his spiciness has returned full force. While I’m grateful for what this means (that he feels nice and strong), I am also resolved to reign it in when it crosses the line. Spice can turn into sass very quickly. This too shall pass, and we will restore the balance soon. I’m just happy we’re all healthy and home.

My mama left this morning to head home to Winter Park, and the rest of us joined Aunt Sarah and Lotus at the Venice Art Festival this afternoon. We took the kids to lunch. They laughed so hard.

Both boys will return to school tomorrow, and Benji will continue to catch up on lost time with Mrs. Smith. Tuesday, we will have our “Maintenance Day 15” clinic visit and see how much Benji’s nightly chemo is affecting his blood counts and liver enzymes. Once again, we’ll try to sink back into a quasi-normal routine this week. This time, I am going to try my best to release expectations.

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