Day 225

Michael had to work super late last night. He was setting up his makeshift drafting station at the dining room table, and the boys were winding down with a Beat Bobby Flay marathon, so I decided to lie down for just a minute before putting them to bed. I woke up nearly ten hours later.

I suppose the knowledge that we didn’t have to go to the hospital today permeated my subconscious and sent me into the deepest sleep I’ve had in quite a while. Michael was proud of his boys; his work was interrupted only to make them a nightcap of tea, and they put themselves to bed in their lofts. It is seriously life changing, a good night’s sleep. Energy levels were restored and patience came easy.

We did chores at the house and culled through last year’s school supplies until Benji’s weekly Pilates appointment with our friend. I am really starting to see the practice working for him. He is able to move his body with much more control, and understands Christina’s instructions easily. She asked him what he was getting out of her lessons. He said “I feel stretched out and nice.” I see much more than that. I see him feeling strong, powerful and confident. I am so thankful for her teaching.

After a quick lunch we gathered our respective 2nd and 6th grade lists and went shopping for school supplies. I couldn’t resist the purchase of a new heavy duty binder for myself. We all left feeling a little more prepared for the new chapter and rigorous schedule that awaits us with the coming school year.

We met some friends for an afternoon game of baseball at Southside. I was thrilled for both boys to get some exercise on what was actually a cool, breezy afternoon before a summer storm.

We came home and got cleaned up a bit, then headed down to Venice to join our family in celebration of Great Grandpa Al’s 97th birthday. I was a little concerned on the trip down; Michael’s grandparents hadn’t seen Benji without his hair, and he is starting to look more pale as his blood counts drop. I didn’t want them to worry. But everyone was warm and loving as always. Being around Benji gives people who love him all the reassurance they need.

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