Day 44

I got a good, deep, long night’s sleep. Everyone did. It makes all the difference in the world. We woke up to a cool, beautiful morning.

I made a big Valentine’s Day breakfast, then tackled the laundry and other chores while Michael washed dishes. We couldn’t stay inside for long, the day was too gorgeous. Banyan’s friend invited him over to play for a few hours, so we scooped up a friend of Benji’s and took the younger boys to The Celery Fields to walk, and to look for birds. We saw hawks, ospreys, cranes, egrets, white pelicans. Benji felt great today.

We returned home and Benji melted onto the couch, tired from the long walk but in great spirits. I went to pick up Banyan, and was only at his friend’s house a few minutes when I got an excited phone call: Benji received his welcome package from HopeCam, including his very own tablet. The boy is thrilled. He was excited to spend the evening with Michael, setting up his preferences, grabbing a pizza and watching a movie. I took the opportunity to spend some time with Banyan. I found out last night that a local high school was holding its final performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream tonight. Banyan played the part of Oberon in his class production of this play just last year. We dressed up, went out for sushi, and took in the play. He was a terrific Valentine. We laughed a lot, and critiqued the play thoughtfully (it was fabulous). I was grateful for his company, and for the happy Benjamin we returned to when we came home.

While unwelcome, Leukemia lived peacefully with us today. There was no pain, no discomfort. Benjamin took his antibiotics this morning, his chemotherapy tonight, and a detox bath before bed. I donned my blue gloves when I came home and prepared the week’s pill box. On the way to The Celery Fields, Benji described his port to his friend beautifully–how it got there, and what it does. Michael and I exchanged a teary glance when he said “they gave me sleepy medicine so they could cut my body open.”  He said it matter-of-factly, with almost a touch of pride at being able to explain the process. He is doing so incredibly well. It’s amazing to watch him on a day like this and think of all his body has gone through, is going through, will go through. But he just rocks it. He doesn’t know any other way.

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  1. I just got caught up on your entries and want you to know I’m still here, reading every word you write. He rocks it because you and Michael rock it!

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