Day 332

We are home, safe and sound. We left much later than we had planned, but it was well worth it; we all got to enjoy one last epic trail ride through the longleaf pine forests of the Altamaha River basin. We explored the Cherokee caves that have been a landmark for many generations in Michael’s family. The words his father carved are permanently etched into the rock face, proclaiming “Mic loves Kathy” for more than forty years. Near their carving is a newer one bearing our initials. I know our boys felt the stillness of the time. None of us were in much of a hurry to leave.

After almost a year of treatment, Benjamin and the rest of us have successfully navigated a trip away from home, and we did it during a steroid week. He didn’t miss any doses of medicine, he didn’t get a fever, we didn’t have to call any emergency numbers. It’s a big deal, and it’s no big deal at all. I saw so many moments of sweetness and contentment on my boys’ faces these past few days. I’m grateful beyond measure.

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