September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In order to raise real awareness about what children with cancer endure, I chose one fact about Benjamin’s treatment for each day of the month and shared it via facebook. On September 26, 2015, Benjamin was hospitalized, and many of the numbers included in the posts prior to that date increased. He received eight more transfusions and added 19 more supportive care medicines to his care regimen, for example. Still, this list provides a comprehensive glimpse into what childhood cancer patients go through, one day at a time.

September 1: Introduction

September 2: Intramuscular Erwinia shots

September 3: Bone Marrow Aspirations

September 4: Cyclophosphamide

September 5: Prednisone

September 6: Hospital Admissions

September 7: Hair Loss

September 8: Platelet Transfusions

September 9: Nadir Period

September 10: Frontline Treatment

September 11: Lumbar Punctures

September 12: List of Chemotherapy Medicines

September 13: Complementary Treatments

September 14: Thioguanine and Mercaptopurine

September 15: Methotrexate and Leucovorin

September 16: Scopolamine Patches

September 17: List of Care Team Professionals

September 18: Allopurinol

September 19: Vincristine

September 20: Liver Toxicity

September 21: Mileage Traveled

September 22: Marinol

September 23: Hudson

September 24: Cytarabine

September 25: Supportive Care Medicines

September 26: Delays in Treatment

September 27: School

September 28: Dexamethasone

September 29: Minimal Residual Disease

September 30: Long Term Maintenance