Day 724/96

All things considered, we had a very merry Christmas on Clematis Street. It was really hard in many ways, some expected and some not so much. But there is no place I’d rather be, and no peopleĀ I’d rather be with. Every tradition we had the opportunity to execute felt precious. The reading of Luke’s second… Continue Reading Day 724/96

Day 723/95

We. Are. Home.Ā Until Monday morning, I will relish every sound and every smell and every breath in this house. The decision to come home was very much a last-minute one. I was up before the sun, unable to sleep, wrapping gifts and nervous about the day. Benjamin was still sleeping at shift change when I… Continue Reading Day 723/95

Day 708/80

There were a lot of positive things about today that I’d like to focus on. Right now I’m finding it difficult. I’m grateful for this space in which to sort it out. Benjamin is sleeping soundly now, but only after experiencing intense pain in his spleen tonight that required morphine. It hasn’t caused him this… Continue Reading Day 708/80