Day 540


Benji’s mornings continue to be tender. This morning he was tired and he felt nauseous. Again, he just wanted to rest. By late morning he was feeling much better. Tonight, as Banyan’s twelfth birthday party was getting underway, Benji was having severe foot cramps–but he worked through them and rocked it with the big boys for the rest of the night.

Once again we are celebrating a trip around the sun for Banyan in legendary fashion. His parties are kind of famous in the middle school world. Eight sweet boys he’s known forever are having a blast at Kathy’s house, swimming, enjoying her homemade pizza, having ice cream cake, and now playing laser tag with Gana’s disco lights. Tomorrow ¬†when cousin Lotus arrives, Captain Mike will take them all out to sea for tubing and saltwater fun.

Banyan will turn twelve on Wednesday. This has been a really big year for him, one full of new challenges that he’s handled with goodness and grace. His heart is bright and his spirit is huge. I’m proud of him.

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