Day 507

day 507Sweet Sunday.

We picked up the boys from Kathy and Gana late this morning. They were having a wonderful time in the pool and had a terrific time last night–dinner, a movie, treats, a puzzle, swimming. We’re so lucky. 

Benjamin has had quite a few odd complaints lately. Pain in his arm, pain in his leg, tummyaches, headaches. These things come and go, and nothing seems too serious, but I never know what is causing what. I suppose I never will. Most of his medicines have cumulative and delayed side effects. I just don’t know.  Every time he mentions pain, I have to calm myself down. I took his temperature twice today. I could have sworn he felt warm, but the thermometer didn’t agree.

Benjamin’s post-steroid-induced sassy streak continued this afternoon. It’s been a full week now since his pulse ended. I try so hard to remain calm and not take it personally when he is quick to anger. A Rumi mantra I used when my children were little came across my radar again today: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” I needed to see that. Between the streaks of impulsiveness and temper are the sweetest moments, too.

Tonight we took a picnic and the paddleboard back to the beach. We had a lovely evening, and the boys ran into some friends to play with. The wind died down as the sun sank low, and I paddled farther than I’d ever gone before.

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