Day 428

day 428

Michael and I are on our way home from our fourth Willie Nelson concert together. Our first was on our honeymoon almost fourteen years ago.

For the last 48 hours I haven’t been certain this concert would actually happen. With Banyan’s tummy trouble yesterday and a mild sore throat for Benjamin this morning, I was prepared for the possibility of canceling. As much as I have looked forward to this, I was pleased that I reacted to possibly letting it go with peace. We have certainly learned to roll with the punches. Tonight, traffic prevented us from making our dinner reservations–and we had a fabulous time anyway.

The boys are safely at Kathy’s house for a sleepover, spending time with their Grammy, Noni, and family visiting from Georgia. They’ve made homemade pizzas and are having a grand time, I’m sure. Unlike date nights in recent memory, tonight there was no hesitation from Benjamin. I’m not worried about his medications; he knows what to do. I am so grateful for a worry-free opportunity to connect with my husband, listening to music that has punctuated our marriage since the beginning.

“Love’s the greatest healer to be found.” -Willie Nelson

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