Day 407

day 407

The rainbow star project went to the next level today. After a lovely bridge walk with my friend, a sweet mama in our community picked up twelve star making “kits” for her daughter and her daughter’s friends to make this weekend. I brought both boys lunch at their respective schools, then met another friend to collect 18 stars made by Ringling students. They are beautiful. I also talked to two schools who are planning to use them as a service project for their students.

With my mailers and a new supply of stars in hand, I decided to “soft launch” the project in my online moms’ group. I offered to send the stars to any child currently on treatment who is in need of a little brightness, whose clouds could use a rainbow. The eighteen stars I have are now spoken for.

I learned this morning that the little girl who was just diagnosed in Sarasota is back up at All Children’s with a positive bacteria culture and neutropenic fever. The nurses brought her one of the rainbow stars we delivered yesterday. Her mama sent me this picture. From the view, I can all but certainly pinpoint which room she’s in. It brings me such joy to know this star is brightening their space.

Benjamin had a two hour baseball practice tonight. He played very well, and he’s extremely tired now. I think we all are. It’s been a big week for everyone.

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  1. It’s been a Hugh week for you all. You jump in there like the troopers you are sharing all your recent knowledge about cancer. To help other children. So proud of you all and most to Benjamin for his strength as a kid handling this. Sending love and prayers.

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