Day 365

Happy New Year!

Those words have changed in meaning, forever. Last year, “Happy New Year!” was wished upon us by every doctor, nurse and custodians that walked through our seventh floor door. They were all well-intended people who just happened to be watching as we processed leukemia. We scowled at the sentiment. Happy New Year? What?! How dare you?

This year, as we watched friends and family flow through our home for our annual New Year’s Day pot-luck, we embraced their words. As each of them said the words Happy New Year they held our gaze for just a little bit longer than necessary, making sure the weight of those words were felt. The wish was a sincere one, repeated over and over and over. Happy. New. Year. 

One of our favorite traditions at our party each year is creating a jar of “Words of the Year” for our guests to take. The four of us chose words for 2016 as well. I think they are just perfect. Michael’s word is STRENGTH. My word is RELEASE. Banyan’s word is BREEZY. And Benjamin’s word is BLISS.





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